Thursday, 31 May 2012

Magnet Boards

I finally finished my fabric covered magnet boards.  I think I like them too much to sell.  I hate when this happens!  The first baroque style magnet board began its life as a mirror.  Someone had painted it a shocking pink when I found it. A lot of elbow grease, my favourite pale blue paint, vintage fabric and voila!  A fancy, dancy way to display stuff.
The burlap board was inspired by an old grain sack that I saw in a French country magazine.

I love, love, love the window that I used to create the last board here. It came from and old (Victorian?) house in Quebec.


  1. Hey I got a great piece from you at the Idle Hands craft sale today, I am IN LOVE with these magnet boards. Think you'll make some you'll be able to part with by the july urban crafters market? Cause I think I will be dreaming of them till then lol

    1. I'm so happy that you love these boards! I'm forever running to estate sales, antique markets etc. looking for the perfect frame.

      I think I'm going to part with the blue roses rectangular board. Unfortunately, these large boards are too big and heavy for my stand at the show so I sell them at local stores. However, I'll make some small ones for the July show.

      Thanks again!

  2. I would still really love one of these boards think you could email me if you have any you have been working on lately for me to purchase?